Jeep tours in Uzbekistan

One of the most impressive and unusual forms of tourism in Uzbekistan are Jeep tours. In the hot summer noon or cold winter weather, in the blissful Uzbek spring and autumn, this is how you can [...]

Ziyorat tour

In the East, “Ziyorat” means “visiting Holy places”, and implies two main varieties: pilgrimage tourism and religious tourism excursions and cognitive orientation. In [...]

Cultural tourism

Cultural (historical and architectural) tourism covers a visit to the historic, cultural or geographical features. Cultural tourism – is the most popular and widespread type of tourism. The [...]


Ecological tourism (ecotourism) – these are the options, types and methods of cognitive trips of varying difficulty (including, for example, adventure travel), for which the main resource [...]

Business travel

Business – one of the most promising areas of modern tourism. It’s not just business travel as such, but also the exchange of information, organization of seminars as an effective way [...]


In recent years the Republic of Uzbekistan is booming new area of tourism – “geotourism,” which allows you to vary the standard classical tour programs and attract foreign and [...]