“I arrived. Everything is all right! “- These words are very important for loved ones who are waiting for news from us when we go abroad. For any tourist the mobile communication is the first in the list of to-do upon arrival in the destination country. Not everyone can afford the roaming and people prefers to get a local SIM-card for the duration of his or her stay in a particular country.

In Uzbekistan, at the moment there are 5 mobile operators:

It should be noted that mobile communication in Uzbekistan is relatively inexpensive, and all operators have approximately the same rates and conditions of customer service.

Herewith the Beeline Uzbekistan and Ucell provide GSM communication standard, and Perfectum Mobile and UzMobile a CDMA standard.

You can be connected in the offices of companies and in Paynet points, which are located in all public areas, some of which operate around the clock. To connect you need the identification and registration documents. You can reload the account in the same locations in the national currency. The money will come into account automatically in USD. Connecting to operators providing communication on CDMA standard, is carried out at the offices of the companies.

Prices for connection and service charges are indicated in US dollars, but the payment is made in local currency (sum) at the rate of Central Bank of Uzbekistan on the day of payment.

The fees for outgoing international and local calls depend on the chosen tariff. Ob the websites of mobile operators you can get choose the tariff and get the information about roaming services:

To make a call from Uzbekistan to another country with your mobile phone, dial the number on the following scheme: + (country code) (city code / code of mobile operator) (phone number). For calls to landline and mobile phones within the country you need to only dial a phone number without additional characters. Exceptions are the regional numbers.

There is also no problem with the mobile Internet . Getting to the worldwide web from mobile phones can be done automatically if you have money in the account. Fee for 1 MB depends on the selected tariff, but often is more expensive than by connecting the Internet package. Connection cost and conditions can be found on the websites of mobile operators.

Keep in touch and welcome to Uzbekistan!

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