The greatest people of Uzbekistan

History of Uzbekistan counts for several millennia. The territory between the Amudarya and Syrdarya rivers was inhabited by ancient people in the early Palaeolithic. Years, centuries passed, cities grew and civilizations developed, which by right today are considered the most ancient in the East. From time immemorial, heroes and scientists, thinkers and poets, people who created the history of our homeland and glorified it all over the world, appeared.

The theory and practice of the state and society was also the subject of discussion among many thinkers and statesmen of Central Asia. So, Farabi was the first among medieval thinkers to develop a doctrine about the features and structure of social life. In his "Treatise on the views of the inhabitants of a virtuous city" he noted that the government of the country is of two types: the first is one leading the inhabitants to true happiness and the second to illusory, false one. And Nizam ul-Mulk, the great vizier of the Seljuk State, described in detail the principles of state administration, the rules of upbringing moral and functional qualities of lords and officials, and the outstanding poet Alisher Navoi well described qualities of a "perfect man and ruler.” Many historical sources state on need to educate high moral qualities and education of officials, their devotion to serving the state that testifies serious requirements for training the personnel for active intra- and interstate relations. Views of our thinkers had had a considerable influence on their European counterparts.

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