The Republic of Uzbekistan is an attractive spot for tourists arriving to look at unique cities located along the Great Silk Road, to join the history, to learn about the distinctive national culture.

According to the data published by American Institute of Gallup, among the former Soviet Union countries, Uzbekistan ranked first in terms of satisfaction with the existing security in the country. Compared to 2013, when 88% of residents felt safe here, the number increased by 7%. Within the study, representatives of Gallup interviewed residents of more than 150 countries on the level of crime in their areas of residence and reliability of local law enforcement bodies performance. The obtained data formed the basis for Global Law and Order Report prepared by the organization. Undoubtedly, compared to many other countries, Uzbekistan is a safe place to travel: No robbers on the streets, no armed conflicts here.

Road travel is rather safe. According to the latest Roads Kill report, posted on the Pulitzer Centre website, the roads of Uzbekistan are recognized to be safest in Central Asia. So, according to the map of Roads Kill, annually on roads in Kazakhstan 21.9 of 100 thousand die, in Kyrgyzstan - 19.2, in Tajikistan - 18.1 people, in Uzbekistan - 11.3 people, respectively.

In Uzbekistan, you can relax in the countryside and in cities without much unrest and risk. With observance of elementary precautions, travelling through Uzbekistan will be safe and comfortable. That is also taken care of by several state services.

In any emergency, you can ask for help by calling free:

  • fire service 101
  • police 102
  • first Aid 103
  • gas emergency 104
  • rescue crew 1050

Of course, as in any other country, one must be vigilant and observe elementary wariness.

Whenever there is a need to withdraw money from an ATM, it's best to do it in a bank or a hotel, and not on the street. In restaurants, bars and other places one should not leave private things unattended.
You can exchange the imported currency in the official exchanges, where you will always receive confirmation of the transaction. In small cities, it is sometimes difficult to find an exchange office, so it is recommended to stock up enough cash.

Attitude toward foreigners in Uzbekistan is friendly and welcomingly. The Uzbek people are very kind by nature and famous for their hospitality. That is really safe and comfortable country to life in.

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