History of Tashkent:

This marvelous city exists more than 2,200 years. During this time it rose from an ancient settlement to the large city of Central Asia. The city has seen many memorable events and trials, also encountered the rises and falls.

Tashkent has a moderate continental climate. Frosts are usually short-lived, however sometimes temperature can drop to minus 20°C or below. Summer is hot, sometimes temperature reaches 35-40°C in the shade.

In this megalopolis operates an extensive network of buses, trolleybuses, trams and shuttles, which can take you to any part of Tashkent. Besides, since 1977 metro works in Tashkent. There are two railway stations in the city – “Tashkent” and “South”. Also, the airport “Tashkent-South” always happy to meet visitors and residents, that is located in the southern part of the city. It consists of three parts for – international, national and government flights.

In Tashkent there are various working organizations of scientific, educational and cultural profile. In 21 universities of capital you can get a higher education and see the world premiere performances in 11 theaters, such as in the Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet. Also in Tashkent you can learn about history of Uzbekistan in 22 museums, for example in the Museum of History of Uzbekistan people or in the Museum of Applied Arts of Uzbekistan.

In the city you can meet the magnificent architectural historical monuments, such as the Mausoleum of Sheikhantaur (XV century) and Kaffal Shashi, Barak-Khan and Kukeldash (XVI century).

The attention of tourists in Tashkent attracts TV tower, which is the tallest building in Central Asia, its height is 375 meters. It has 11th place in the list of highest TV towers in the world.

In the capital of Uzbekistan there are many cafes and restaurants, where you ca enjoy national, european, russian, chinese, spanish, italian and other cuisines. Restaurants and cafes in Tashkent will not only delight guests with delicious meal, but also delight with its stylish interiors, music programs and good service.

Tashkent – the personification of this modern elegance, that is peculiar to many capitals of the world. Being as an eastern city, Tashkent has its unmatched flavor. The city harmoniously combines medieval buildings with european architecture!

Where to go, what to eat and what to watch:

Architecture buildings
Джума мечеть
Дом Романовых
Исламский институт
Католический костел
Мавзолей Каффаль Шаши
Мавзолей Шейха Зайниддина-бобо
Мавзолей Шейхантаура
Мавзолей Юнус-Хана
Медресе Барак-хана
Медресе Кукельдаш
Мечеть Минор
Мечеть Тиля-Шейха
Немецкая кирха
Памятник Шастри
Площадь Амира Тимура
Площадь Независимости
Рынок Чорсу
Собор Св. Александра Невского
Старый город
Ташкентское метро
Телевизионная башня
Часовня у Камолонских ворот

  • Мавзолей Анбар-биби
  • Мавзолей Зангиата
  • Петроглифы Каракиясая
  • Петроглифы Ходжикента
  • Чарвак

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